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5 chapters: 5 world maps

5 chapters : Records | Objective | States | Investors | Companies

One chapter, one thematic focus
Each interactive world map displays datasets focusing on a theme for each countries, continents or country groups.

Map of the world

Chapter presentation text
This text is displayed when a chapter is opened for the first time and help the reader understand the map and its stakes. Once closed, this text is available via the “i” button.

Chapter presentation

Located underneath the map’s title in the top bar, filters allow readers to switch between country and continent maps and to filter data with various criteria (energy type, economic sector, etc.)

Tools to filter data


The timeline underneath the chapter one’s map allows you to display data for each year between 1971 and 2012.


More info & data
Charts and complementary data are displayed in a side box when hovering countries on the map. The displayed data may adapt according to selected filters (year, energy type, economic sector, etc.).
You can pin the box by clicking on a country and close it with the “X” button.

Details on data

Zoom on the map
Double-clicking on a hovered zone will enable you to zoom on it

double click to Zoom

Additionnal menu

Located underneath the map, this additionnal menu allows you to learn more about each chapter by reading about the map’s legend, sources, methodology and "more" related-topic articles.

Menu to know more about the subject

Each map has its legend detailing intervals, colors and units of measurement.


Each database displayed on maps is sourced and linked in this menu.


This menu explains how data were collected and processed and gives a detailed account on biases and scientific postulates of each chapter.

Harvesting, processing and compiling data methodology

This menu lists related-topic articles in order to continue reading about the subject.

More to read

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Mobile version
“Carbon Risk” is a responsive-designed app and can be displayed on mobiles and tablets.

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