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I. Novethic is a French SASU (company limited by shares with a sole partner), with capital stock of €1 668 260. It is registered with Trade and Company Registrar of Paris under the sole identification number B 437 499 296, and its registered headquarters are located at 56 Rue de Lille in Paris (75007).

II. Novethic is a leading center for resources and expertise pertaining to corporate social responsibility (CSR) & Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI). Novethic produces information for public consumption (i.e., articles written by journalists and surveys) and publishes a website ( whose content may be viewed free of charge.

III. The mission statement of Novethic:

- Observe and analyze initiatives and issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable and Responsible Investment.

- Inform and offer expertise to professionals in business, finance, local government and NGOs who are interested or already involved in corporate citizenship and/or Sustainable and Responsible Investment.

- Stimulate exchanges among key players-businesses, investors, stakeholders, etc.

- Offer expertise to the Caisse des Dépôts group related to its own commitment to sustainable development.

Confidentiality / Privacy

Novethic endeavors to ensure the quality of its service and the confidentiality of the information entrusted to its care under the best possible conditions.

Accordingly, Novethic has taken all of the reasonable and usual precautions required to safeguard the confidentiality of this information, in particular those related to accessing its services, and makes ongoing efforts to improve the security of its site.
Intellectual property rights
All or any part of the Novethic website is protected under prevailing Intellectual Property Rights (French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle) in France.

Any use of this material (all or part of the site, the logo or any other distinctive marks) without the prior written consent of Novethic for any purpose whatsoever is prohibited and may be subject to prosecution, in particular under the laws governing copyright infringement. Only the use of a non-substantive part of the Novethic site is authorized for strictly private use that is neither collective nor commercial in nature.

The incorporation of a hypertext link from another website to a substantive part of the Novethic website requires the prior written consent of Novethic.

User submissions

The Novethic website is registered with the French Data Protection Authority, the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).

The only nominative information gathered by the website is in the form of emails sent by users who would like to receive the online version of the newsletter in French, which is made available to them free of charge.

The list of these emails is reserved for the exclusive use of Novethic, and is never divulged to outside parties for any purpose whatsoever.

Information provided by Novethic

Most of the content provided by Novethic is in the form of articles written by journalists and copy writers. Its reproduction on any medium whatsoever without the prior consent of its authors is prohibited under the prevailing French Intellectual Property Code (French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle) and legislation related to the rights of authors.

As for the information pertaining to SRI funds, whether of a financial or social responsibility nature, which is provided by Novethic's partner Morningstar, the following provisions apply: Neither Novethic nor Morningstar can in any way be held liable for losses or damages caused by the use of this information.

This information should not be considered by Users as a recommendation, and no investment decisions should be made on the basis of any information other than that solicited directly from and provided directly by a qualified financial advisor.

Past performance does not guarantee future results, and both the value of an investment and investment returns may go down as well as up.


Novethic cannot be held liable for the content of any website for which a hypertext link has been incorporated from the Novethic website.

The User hereby acknowledges familiarity with the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular those pertaining to technical performance; the response times needed to view pages, send queries or transfer data; and the risks related to communication security.

User service

Users of the website may send their requests for information or clarification, as well as any complaints they may have, to the following link.

Novethic will respond to all such emails to the extent that they pertain to the services provided by Novethic in connection with these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Governing law

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the laws of France, to the exclusion of the laws of any other country.